My Surgery

Surgery cartoon

I recently underwent some minor surgery for a small hernia. I haven’t been “under” since I had rotator cuff surgery a decade or so ago. That was a horrendous experience on a number of levels. Yet, as I approached this next time going “under” I was not particularly anxious. Part of my calmness was confidence in the doctor who was going to perform the operation. Part of it was a resignation that this is what comes with “maturity” or simply getting older. Part of it was the wine…just kidding.

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What does #Fitness Look Like?

I attended what is perhaps the biggest fitness and nutrition convention around. People from ALL over the country attended. I was surprised by only one thing – how UN-fit so many of the people appeared. Granted “fitness” isn’t just about looking like a bikini model but – PEOPLE – being seriously over-weight is not nutritious or fitness. This seemed to be more apparent among the women attendees who outnumbered the men by about 3 to 1 in my unscientific judgment. I wrote more about this in a lengthier piece but here’s the short video I made at the convention – just for fun.