Social Media Social Good: Is Commenting Dead?

Always plugged-in comic

I used to comment on various blogs ALL the time. It was an indispensible part of growing my Social Media presence. For a variety of reasons, my commenting has slowed down to a trickle. I still advocate the value of commenting in tweets, on #blogchat (where I’m a regular participant), my own #DadChat, and in columns and even when I speak at conferences. So, why have I slowed down so significantly?

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Why I Comment ALL the Time


I participate in several Tweet Chats, among them #blogchat, which is all about blogging and, to a degree, Social Media. Learning SoMe, as it is often acronymized (new word?) is part of my job. There are all sorts of tips one will hear along the SoMe highway. One that is over-used in my opinion is “Content Is King.” Sure content matters, but that is sort of obvious. Another word that is over-used is “Engagement.” I still prefer using that when someone has a ring to show. My thing is commenting.

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