Practice Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah comic stripBecause I Said So celebrates both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah – even though Hanukkah is misspelled but there are so many spellings so who cares – with our 110th comic strip. Michael Voogd, the BISS illustrator, added the words “Practice Thanksgiving” and I think it was a brilliant “stroke.” Yes, we should all “Practice Thanksgiving” every day of the year. Also, this is the last time for another 70,000 years that Hanukkah will actually fall – for a full day – on Thanksgiving Day. Bet you didn’t know that!?

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Dad Goes to Outside Lands in San Francisco

Comic Strip about Outside Lands in San FranciscoThe generations collide yet again as Dad gets down – way down – while attending The Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco with Son. Dad references Woodstock to which Son is lost. Heck, Son wishes he was really lost – away from Dad and “his moves!” Of course, everyone knows that I’m NOT That Dad, though I did happen to attend Outside Lands. Enjoy The Best of Outside Lands 2013, a 12-minute highlights video and A Taste of Paul, short clips from Paul McCartney’s nearly 3-hour opening night performance.

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Dad, Technology Genius

Because I Said So comic strip technology genius

Again, I MUST remind you that I’m NOT That Dad (which is just the name of my weekly vlogs)! This comic script, however, was inspired by my younger son attending his prom. “Dad” tries to take a photo of his dashing-looking son thinking that he, “Dad,” is in fact a technology geniusl.

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