Social Media Social Good: Do Best Practices Make a Difference?

Not the Best Example of Best Practices

Call me an old fart…but just call me back! Yipes, what has happened to doing business today? Are these so-called “Best Practices” really best at all? I thought it was flaky back in my showbiz days – before email, texts, smart-phones, computers, and all the tech that is supposed to “connect” us. Yes, email began during my tenure in “the biz” but cell-phones were basic and real phone calls were the bread and butter of doing business. Our Best Practices were called courtesy and hard work!

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A Day In the Life of a Social Media Addict


My family accuses me of always being on the computer. Well, I am on the computer a lot, that is my work. I write, I tweet, I Facebook, I host and participate in tweet chats, and I do a radio show. Plus, I write a comic strip and other assorted things like fully redesigning right now. I imagine if I went to an outside office vs. work at home, their impression might be a bit different.

So, for the fun of it, for them and for those of you wondering what a busy day looks like in the life of someone active in social media and traditional media, for that matter, let’s take a look at Thursday’s timeline!

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