The Academy Awards and Nagging

What’s new? Well, the Academy Awards are tonight. Will you watch? Attend an Academy Awards party? Dr. Blunder has been introduced in the Because I Said So comics. Guys, have you ever been Dr. Blunder? #DadChat this coming week will be about #Nagging! Come and join the fight on Thursday from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST! I LOVE to Ski – every one that knows me knows that. Enjoy lots of fun videos and a couple great pix in this new column! Are YOU “Staying in the Loop?” I sure hope so…just sign up to receive my weekly newsletter right on the Home Page. That is ALL you will receive…no barrage of spam or anything else. Don’t miss anything we’re doing!

Revisiting Gratitude, Social Media and our Kids

What’s New? Where do I begin. First, tonight February 23 we are discussing Social Media and Our Kids at #DadChat with co-host Jure Klepic. This is an important topic for all of us especially in light of the viral YouTube video of a dad shooting his daughter’s laptop after she insulted the family on her Facebook Page! The new “A Dad’s Point-of-View column is, Revisiting Gratitude and the new Because I Said So comic introduces a new character, Dr. Blunder. I hope you like the new look for my website? Feedback is welcome…

What’s New on President’s Day

What’s new on President’s Day? Our newsletter…sign up right here on the home page – up over there where it says “Stay In the Loop,” no, to the left…no, higher…there you go. Now please sign up! What’s new? The new A Dad’s Point-of-View column, Revisiting Gratitude. Thursday’s #DadChat will ask the question, “Do Kids Have Social Media Klout?” with co-host Jure Klepic. What’s new is a new ski video that has NO relation to this site, but I love skiing.

#Grammys, Life Lessons from Charlotte

Boy, did I love the #Grammys. It was truly a SHOW! Fun and a bit sad remembering all those who died, especially Whitney Houston. She’s on my 12Most list of Classic Romantic Songs which was published just days before she died. The #Grammys are always fun, though.

We have a new look to the site and I hope you like it, especially the wild color scheme. Green to me = money, the color of my eyes, and the environment. Nice associations.

My current column is about my wife’s dog, Life Lessons From Charlotte. Much to learn from her. I hope you’ll explore the site as there’s so much here to see, read, and listen to!

Web site Relaunch, #DadChat on Speaking Creativity into Your Kids

It’s been just one week since my web site relaunch. Would love to know your thoughts? Please tweet me @BruceSallan or send an email: [email protected] I hope you’ll explore a bit and see all that is here. We’re still tweaking it, but it’s the beginnings of a beautiful relationship…line stolen from “Casablanca.” This web site relaunch is just the tip of the iceberg!  #DadChat Thursday, with the truly wonderful @AngelaMaiers and #YouMatter, was terrific. Read the transcript if you don’t believe me! This week’s #DadChat will be equally fascinating as @PegFitzpatrick and @PaulBiedermann co-host with me – about sparking creativity in our kids! Mark your calendars to be there Thursday, February 16 – 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST.