My Personal Story with Robin Williams

Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy

I worked in showbiz for a quarter-century. One of my early jobs was on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood. At that time, “Mork and Mindy” was a new hit (yes, I’m that old) and Robin Williams was an emerging star. Also a big comedic name at the time was Andy Kaufman – I actually attended one of his infamous “Milk and Cookies” live shows.

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@DISH – The Company That Cares! Only About #Dish!

Dish Network

                  Yes, nothing compares! #Sarcasm

Wow, I just got off another one of those customer service nightmare phone calls after going through three operators because their menu options DID NOT include “If you wish to cancel your service!” I’m appalled at the way so many contemporary companies such as DISH care ONLY about their bottom line. Is customer loyalty really that dead and buried?

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Why YOUR Company/Brand Should Sponsor #DadChat aka The Difference Between a #Twitter Party and a TweetChat


The Twitter Party began as a great new marketing tool in Social Media. It’s morphed into an infomercial. Whereas companies seek to actually engage with customers, the Twitter Party is pretty much about swag. It’s about getting something for nothing. It’s NOT about a topic that has general interest that is related to the sponsoring company/brand. But, a Tweet Chat sponsorship is all that and more. And, #DadChat offers the best demographics available on Twitter.

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Lessons Learned When My Computer was Stolen

Stolen computer

We have been trying to sell our home and at a recent Open House, when I was not at the house, my laptop was stolen from my desk. According to our realtor, it was a “quiet” Open House so my first reaction was to be angry with her since how could anyone leave carrying my laptop if she were paying attention? Upon remembering that my realtor is my wife, I quickly changed my tune.

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I Couldn’t Hold a Job Today

Best Practices

Business Practices today simply stink. I come from show business and I was used to unreturned phone calls and unreturned letters – yes, letters. There really was such a thing! Today there are more and better tools for communication yet simple responses to most missives seems to be harder to get answered than ever before.

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Verizon – A Company that does NOT Believe in Customer Service


I know I’m old when I really get nostalgic about so many things. Top of the list is good customer service. Yes, I remember when uniformed gas station attendants cheerfully came out and offered to fill your tank, check your oil and tire pressure, AND clean your windshield. Yes, I remember going into a shoe store where a man in a suit would come out and offer to help. AND, he actually was a professional who knew all about EVERY shoe in the store and took pride in being a GREAT shoe salesman.

The list goes on and on. Today it’s slightly different.

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Did I Achieve My (#SocialMedia) Goals? REPORT CARD

Making Money online

When I began my second career in writing and then in Social Media, I had four goals. The first three were in no order of importance but the fourth was a distant fourth from the others. It’s been quite a while since I began and it seems time for a “report card” and review of how successful I was at achieving these goals.

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