Who decides what is right and what is wrong? There was a time when most of humanity got their moral compass from religion. But, today we live in a ver secular world where many believe that choice is ours to make.

Every week, I will ask a moral question. YOU will answer it with a comment and the sum-total of those comments may give US some food for thought on what may be right or wrong in any given situation that is posed.

Adopt or Buy (a Pet)?

Dogs and Cats

This week’s Moral Question of the Week is simple: should you adopt or buy a dog/cat/pet? I will prejudice the question with my point-of-view that there are FAR too many dogs and cats in shelters and FAR too many dogs and cats that are killed each year for anyone to go out and buy a “special” kind of dog or cat? What do you think? Comment below…

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Do As I Say – Not As I Do! #MoralQuestionOfTheWeek


Are you a parental hypocrite? Do you tell your kids the dangers of smoking or drinking, while holding a cigarette and beer? How about something less obvious – do you NOT wear a helmet when you ski or ride a bike while demanding that your kids wear one? I see this ALL the time when I ski and it makes me nuts! Very simply, are YOU a parental hypocrite? Own it if you are and work to change it. Remember that your kids SEE everything you do.

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Can You Be #Friends with Someone Whose #Politics are Diametrically Opposed to Yours?

comic on politics

Yes, I know most people would answer this “Moral Question of the Week” with a quick, “Of course.” But, to me, it’s not so simple. To me, the future of my kids’ lives are at stake with what is going on in the world today. Therefore, the politics of our times – both domestically and internationally – make a huge difference in my day-to-day life and thinking. I’ve found that reasonable “dialogue” with people with opposing views is hard and often ends up in someone being angry. So, with “old” friends on the opposite spectrum, we’ve agreed to simply not talk politics.

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Which Do You Want Most – For Your Kids to be Happy, Good, or Successful?

Happy Song

My friend and sort of mentor, Dennis Prager, has asked this question OFTEN in his speeches, writings, and on his radio show of parents. Which do you want most for your kids; to be happy, good, or successful? It is NOT a simple question and the answer that Dennis received most of the time motivated a lot of his talks and writing. What is your biggest wish for YOUR kids – of these three – is this week’s Moral Question of the Week. Please post your answer in the comments section, below…

Is it Okay to Help Your Kids with their School-Work?

Parents helping kids with homework

Nowadays, there are projects given our elementary-age and older children that seem a bit big and over-whelming – to mom and dad, that is. Seriously, some of these projects are difficult and in many communities it seems the quality of these completed works are way beyond the capability of the kid that “did it.” Clearly, dad and mom are helping.

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