Men vs. Women: Sex Appeal

Charlie's Angels

We all know that a great keyword is sex. I’ve actually found that money is even better. Hmmm, maybe I should use both? I was having a discussion with a friend about sex appeal and how men and women view each other differently in this regard. In the course of the discussion, I reflected on four women – famous women/actresses – each of whom I’d met and/or worked with in my former life in showbiz.

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Men vs. Women – Cleaning

Men and Cleaning

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of doing this series of columns is ruffling feathers and reflecting – often with humor – on my own life and wife. Since my wife rarely reads my columns, I can write whatever I want with relative impunity. Of course, I’m ALWAYS writing the exact truth. It’s never slanted or biased from my male point-of-view. I’m the objective journalist with this series.

I also have swampland for sale if you’re interested?

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Men vs. Women: Cars

Hot Babe in Hot Car

I can’t believe I haven’t taken on cars in this series on Men vs. Women! There are such gigantic differences in how we look at, buy, appreciate, and deal with the horseless carriage. In many ways, I think our respective attitude about cars is emblematic of our attitudes about most everything. Again, this is not a right or wrong, just a big difference.

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Men vs. Women: Bling and Toys

Marilyn Monroe and Diamonds

We all know the saying that the older we get the bigger the toys (we like). This edition in the Men vs. Women series is really an extension of the one on Clothes and Fashion. In writing that one, I quickly realized how bling and toys are a big part of our contemporary lifestyle choices and desires. And, I believe that my first instinct that women were more into bling may have been a snap judgment since I tend to think men are more into toys!

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Men vs. Women: Clothes and Fashion

Bras through the ages

Fashion, clothes, jewelry, and all its related accessories and issues are enough of a subject to fill a book, not just a single column in this blog series. But, I will endeavor to condense the incredible volume of material to fewer than 1,000 words. Writing about Men and Women is a lot of fun, especially since I don’t care if I am politically correct. It’s ironic how upside down things have become in my lifetime when simple truths – in this case, related to men and women – are not so simple given various agendas and politics that seem to attach so much contemporary public discourse!

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Men vs. Women: Who Talks More?

Cartoon about gossip

I love this blog series because I get to vent my life-long frustrations with the opposite sex, have fun, and be irrevocably politically incorrect. The irony is that since I know men better, I’m often more critical of my own gender than of those confounding women. And, in the case of this topic, it’s a further irony that I’m by far the bigger talker in my marriage.

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Men vs. Women: Summer Vacations

Summer vacation at the beach

Well, my son’s last day of his sophomore year in high school just took place while my freshman in college returned home a couple of weeks ago. It’s summer. And, many of us are planning summer vacations and other warm-weather pursuits. You might wonder how or why this is fodder for this column series on the differences between men and women? Simply, I believe almost everything has the potential to explore and contrast how men and women look at, do, behave, and otherwise proceed with life. Summer and summer vacations are no exception.

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