Moral Question of the Week: Are Dogs Equal to Humans? #DadChat #Values

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A man I respect a great deal – Dennis Prager – talks and writes a great deal about values and morality. He has, for decades, liked to ask a group of kids (up to college age) the same question: If a stranger or a dog were drowning and you could only rescue one, who would you rescue? He says the answer is almost always the same: 1/3 say their dog, 1/3 say the stranger, and 1/3 say they don’t know. It begs the question of the value of human life, doesn’t it? What would your kids say? That is this week’s Moral Question of the week. Your thoughts are welcome below…

  • jack43

    I too listen to Prager with great respect and have wondered at the responses he receives to this hypothetical question. I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d save the person unless, of course, the person is of less value than the dog (and I can think of a few who fill that bill…)

    • Bruce Sallan

      @jack43:disqus – we are VERY much on the same page, Jack!

  • Steve (JoeBugBuster) Case

    I’m with Bruce and Jack. Like many of those hypotheticals, the Devil is in the details. For example: Why are they both drowning – at the same time, in the same place?

    • Bruce Sallan

      A hypothetical is a hypothetical. It’s clear what I’m asking. Of course details matter but let’s make it simple. There is a drowning stranger and a drowning dog – YOURS – who would you save first?

  • Social Media Sean

    I would take care of my family first including my dog! ??? Hopefully in this story some other rescue dog saves the stranger though!

    • Bruce Sallan

      @socialmediasean:disqus – your family includes a dog over another (unknown to you) stranger – the point of the question is that ONLY one can be saved. I respect your choice…it’s very interesting to me, though!

  • Bill Draeger

    I’m just glad my dogs can swim.