A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Time For a Change

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Deb, Aaron, and Me at Aaron's HS Graduation

I am going through more changes in my life than, perhaps, at any other time. Many of these changes are exciting; many are scary; and some are just sad.

The point of this column will be that my writing is going to change as well. There is no priority to how impactful these changes are. Here’s a list of the more significant of them:

1. Moving from California to Utah – we had NO IDEA how much more difficult a state-to-state move was. First, we are downsizing so that means getting rid of a lot of stuff (see my column on this). Second, every thing you might take for granted – like health insurance – requires a complete do-over. Our family therapist has said that “moving,” on the list of stress factors, is tied with losing a spouse.

2. Our sons – They have grown and with their growth we’ve encountered bigger problems. And, we will be empty nesters, which right now, we couldn’t be happier about.

Baby Boomer comic3. Roots and Comforts – The move means losing our roots of comfort, friends, and family and starting all over. We have no friends or family in Utah so it’s a ballsy, risky thing we’re attempting though we believe the opportunity for a better lifestyle may be worth it. Check back with me in six months!

4. Work Life – My Social Media life took a big hit with HATERS destroying a lot of what I’d spent years to build. I was ready, almost as if it were planned, to revisit my “point-of-view.” So, this is one of those things that were a mixed blessing.

5. Financial concerns – we all go through them and we are confronting them in ways quite unexpected. Yes, many people are always dealing with these challenges but we’ve been lucky so we’ve been shielded, for the most part, and now we have to make some difficult (financial) choices. To be clear, we are more fortunate than most and we must continue to reminds ourselves of that fact.

Baby Boomer Graph

If I didn’t want to protect their privacy, I would elaborate on #2 and what has been going on with my grown sons. Some of it just goes with the territory (of their age) and some of it is a bit worse. We’ll leave it at that.

The move will likely work itself out. People move all the time; many from country to country. But, I’ve lived my entire life in the Los Angeles area. So, for me, it’s a significant change (coupled with fear of the unknown).

Attending some dad Social Media conferences in the past couple of years made me realize that my writing about being a dad was over. Not literally, but when I looked around the rooms and realized I was old enough to be the dad of almost everyone there, I thought it was time to pass the torch.

Baby Boomer collage

I’m a Baby-Boomer. I believe my generation has contributed almost nothing decent to the world except some good rock ‘n’ roll. This generation thinks it knows better than all generations prior. Ahhhh! So, I believe writing about aging BB’s is ripe for humor for this writer AS I go along for the ride, too.

Baby-boomers think we will re-invent aging too. Certainly, Viagra and Botox have helped. Oh, let’s not forget enhancements to the tops and bottoms of women. Also, cross-fit training, triathlons, and spinning – none of which existed when I was a kid. It is all really funny and ironic (when the BB’s have to face reality) so I expect to be laughing at myself and laughing at my generation.

Comic strip about baby boomers

So, stay tuned for the transition of my writing from “A Dad’s Point-of-View” to “A Boomer’s Point-of-View.” I will still write about being a dad, because that never ends. And, if I can bring it back, I may revive #DadChat on a regular basis (I’m testing the waters).

For the time being, I’m not going to change the heading on my website since I’d rather not spend the money and my web-people charge A LOT – any recommendations of a young whipper-snapper that can help me but won’t bill me like a lawyer?

Eager for your feedback, thoughts, and comments please?