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IRL is one of those acronyms we all use – In Real Life. What an odd notion in today’s mobile, smart-phone, DIS-connected world when so many of us rely on our tech vs. our personality. Is this best for us? Is this best for OUR KIDS? We have special co-host Tamara McCleary this Thursday, October 16 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET, to help us navigate real life. Do your kids play with friends outside? Do your teens actually use their phones to talk or just text (as my younger son does)? Do you rely on email or actually “pick up” the phone and call a friend, a colleague, your relatives, OR a business lead? How will this affect our kids’ lives, moving forward?

IRL and Social Media

Tamara McCleary - Relationship ExpertTamara McCleary is a national speaker, business performance specialist, writer, social media expert and relationship economist.  She has spoken to over 1,000 audiences and is ranked in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers.  Past clients include KPMG and U.S. Department of Defense.  Tamara speaks on the topics of team relationships, employee satisfaction and retention, the emerging relationship economy, social media, sales performance, customer service, customer acquisition and retention, entrepreneurship and more.  Tamara’s background includes, Director of Sales and Marketing for a successful national medical device company, as well as, sales and marketing achievements.  She was named Top Sales Achiever nationally three years in a row for a biotechnology firm before launching her own successful national consulting firm based out of San Francisco, California.  Tamara is the creator of the trademarked RelationShift® method, enabling individuals and businesses to improve virtually any relationship. Tamara changes lives and transforms businesses. Visit her website!

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