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Divorce sucks. Anyone that has gone through a divorce knows this is true. I’ve heard fairy tales of “nice” divorces but I’ve never known of one, ESPECIALLY where kids are involved. I call Family Courts – ANTI-FAMILY COURTS and I call so-called family lawyers – ANTI-FAMILY LAWYERS and sometimes names inappropriate for a family-oriented website. But, NOTHING is worse than when the court, the lawyers, or the warring spouses do EXACTLY what they all know is EXACTLY the wrong thing to do and put the children in the middle.

This Thursday, June 5 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET we are going to TAKE ON this tough issue with a man who has lived it, Marc Clark and his associate Alana Seal. We will be giving away TWO COPIES of Marc’s best-selling book, The Princess Fables, at this week’s #DadChat.

Author of Princess Fables

Award winning author Marc Clark is a New York City resident. Marc started Seven C’s Productions in 1995 as a freelance Writer/Producer for HBO and Cinemax. He went on to produce over 2,000 promos, trailers, entertainment news pieces, long form interstitials, marketing tapes and presentations for Food Network, Destination America, Cooking Channel, Lifetime, USA Network and Showtime, winning 2 Gold Mark and a Silver Mark Award for his work.

Over the years Marc has conducted over 500 entertainment interviews, running the gamut from Kindergarteners to Michael Strahan to Larry David. He shot, produced and directed the HBO Family series “30 X 30 Kid Flicks” and has been entrusted with creating several family videos for likes of the LeFrak family and the Seinfelds. He launched the TWC on Demand Barker and he created and produced all of the promotion for the first national PPV and Video On Demand platform in China, YOU On Demand.

Marc’s latest production is his award winning children’s book, The Princess Fables, the recipient of 3 Honorable Mentions from the 2014 Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris Book Festivals. The paperback version of his book is now an Amazon Bestseller.
He was inspired to write the book when his little girl was having difficulties getting up to go to school. When he would wake her each morning, whatever she would say to get out of going became the subject for a PRINCESS FABLE.

He is currently at work on The Royal Fables, a collection of stories inspired by the patients of Texas Children’s Hospital benefiting their Cancer Centers. The Princess Fables 2 is expected to be published Summer 2015.

Alana Seal HeadshotA native of South Texas, Alana Seal owned and operated a restaurant/catering business for 15 years before she moved to Los Angeles in 2011. Alana now sells real estate for Keller Williams in Calabasas, California.  She has 3 children, 23, 18 and 10. Her foray into being a Publicist for the Children’s Book, The Princess Fables, has been nothing short of spectacular. She has taken an unknown book with 19 Twitter followers to over 7,000 followers in only 3 months in addition to another 2,800 on the new Author Marc Clark Twitter page she created, she’s launched a Facebook page for the author and built that up along with an Instagram, Pinterest and Goodreads page and arranged speaking engagements for Mr. Clark.

Alana has booked the author in hospitals and at over a dozen elementary schools in Los Angeles, Texas and recently New York City, arranged various book reviews, Amazon reviews, TV appearances and interviews. Last week the paperback reached #1 in it’s category on the Amazon Bestseller List with the Kindle version remaining in the Top 100 for last 2 months. She has coordinated the launch of The Royal Fables, Marc Clark’s next book, benefitting Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Centers. She helped garner Honorable Mentions for The Princess Fables in the 2014 Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris Book Festivals as well as an IndieReader Approval.

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This week’s #DadChat transcript

  • jack43

    Once upon a time, parents stayed together “for the children”. It was a bad idea, but the alternative isn’t any better. I know. My ex and I shared two children when we split. She went into hiding with them for a year because her new boyfriend was a criminal and she put the police on his trail after he committed another crime and she was taken into custody until they could determine that she wasn’t an accomplice.

    When I finally found them and had a visit with our children I discovered that they were suffering health issues that had been left untreated. The youngest, our daughter, would die many years later from complications that began in that time.

    Yes, I fought for custody and lost and we ended up living on opposite sides of the country.

    Sounds grim, doesn’t it?

    It is.

    I got lucky the second time around and will celebrate 37 years of wedded bliss this month. My bride and I also had a son and daughter. There’s grandchildren and we all share wonderful loving relationships.

    My surviving son from the first marriage is estranged by his choice.

    I wish I could say that I have answers. I don’t.

    I wish I had good advice. I don’t.

    Just, be lucky…

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      @jack43:disqus – I never knew Jack…we all have “our” stories…sorry to hear this one but I so appreciate your sharing it!

  • http://upliftingfamilies.com/ Christy Garrett

    Divorce is very difficult and I often tell people its like a loved one dying. You have to grieve the death of the relationship except that person is still alive and might be in and out of your life if you have children together.
    I was divorced in 2003. I wish it didn’t end that way but at the same time I am thankful because it was an abusive situation and I was better off leaving. However, after the divorce I can count on my both hands how many times my kids have seen their dad. It isn’t because I have held the kids back from him. Instead, he chose to move on with his live and it didn’t include them. It is a sad situation but at the same time I have always been honest with them about the situation. I told them he is the one how “chose” not to participate in their lives.