Why Do Some Things Go Viral?

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Going viral

Have you ever wondered why some things go viral while others don’t? Why one funny baby photo or video will be splashed all over the web and news while another equally funny one will get two views? Well, I have the answer. I know exactly what ingredients are needed to make any photo, video, or post go viral. It’s really quite simple.


You gotta be lucky! Yep, like many things in life, luck plays a huge factor. I believe the same “luck” holds true in so many aspects of life yet many people just don’t want to acknowledge it? Why did I get such great looks and brains, people ask all the time?

Why do good parents have lousy kids and lousy parents have good kids? In many cases, it’s simply luck. There are “bad seeds.” I really would like to believe that initiative, hard work, perseverance, and such make all the difference. But, there’s too much evidence to the contrary.


I was LUCKY to be born in America to my incredibly loving parents, who stayed together, and gave me the absolutely best childhood they could. Having just returned from the dire straits or India and Africa, I could have been born there and not seen my adulthood at all!

Do I believe that hard work, perseverance, and initiative can pay off? Of course I do. Yes, we can influence and/or make our luck, but sometimes good fortune is simply good luck. And, as far as what goes viral, I believe that luck plays a part the majority of the time.

Make a video go viral

I wrote a column about money. Searching for a title, I thought of the song from “Cabaret” called, Money Money Money and chose that title. Was it the best writing of my life? Nope. Yet, it went viral because it turned out that “Money” was THE search word of the moment.

Whenever I’ve sought to reach viral-hood and planned and schemed to do so, it’s always failed. I used “money” in a bunch of subsequent posts and a couple did well but that first one was “the money” one.

I titled a ski video “The Shadow Skis’ and it got 2,802 views on YouTube. Another one titled The Shadow Returns got 3 views. TRUE STORY.

Are you going to deny that one got “lucky” while the other tanked?

comic about a video going viral