Capturing Video and Photo Content With Your Kids and @GoPro at #DadChat – Win a HERO3+

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Surfing with GoPro HeroThis Thursday, February 27 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET we are talking capturing video AND photos with GoPro. Families today can shoot great photos and videos with the amazing technology available. We are going to discuss and share our tips about shooting the best pictures and video we can of all those incredible moments in our family lives.

GoPro is often thought of as the incredible video camera that extreme athletes use and we all remember the awesome video of Felix Baumgartner doing the world’s longest parachute fall from a hot-air balloon – 24.2 miles above the earth! I use my GoPro for my own adventures from heli-skiing to exotic travel. The ease of shooting video with my HERO, when I travel, opens up the world in ways every family can do! Check out this YouTube video about the GoPro HERO3+ – which GoPro is giving away this week at #DadChat! A full package to boot!

The above video, shot with my HERO2, illustrates the way we can capture video when we travel. Done in an unobtrusive way, it’s personal, yet also shows the sight and setting.

Go Pro Hero3Win the GoPro HERO3+ at #DadChat this Thursday, February 27. The prize package includes:

  • HERO3+ Black Edition camera
  • 1 Jaws: Flex Clamp Mount
  • 1 Junior Chesty Mount
  • 1 Head Strap + Quik Clip Mount

You will have to earn it as we always do for any prizes at #DadChat. It will be a challenge, but we’re sure you’re up for it.

Let’s have a great turnout at #DadChat – here are some suggested tweets to bring out the peeps or compose your own:

~~ Win a GoPro HERO3+ at #DadChat Thursday

~~ Videography made easy for families at #DadChat Thursday with @GoPro – Win a HERO3+

~~ How do you take family video? Learn and share tips at #DadChat Thursday with @GoPro – Win a HERO3+

Read what you missed at this week’s incredible #DadChat with #GoPro in The Transcript!

  • mahawkins

    Loved stumbling across this post. Great job Bruce.

    First little project I tackled with my GoPro was with my kids:

    I think they had more fun than I did.
    Thanks for the great examples and looking forward to checking out #DadChat

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx @mahawkins:disqus – come to #DadChat Thursday and share this video with everyone please! #GoPro

  • Guest

    Great site, so glad I found you. Here’s my first little project.

    • Bruce Sallan

      I hope you’ll come to #DadChat Thursday with #GoPRo and share this!

  • bspears

    Great site! I’m so glad I found you. Here’s my first little project coupled with a reminder to all the dads out there.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Please come to #DadChat Thursday @disqus_fw8alOGg8X:disqus and share your video – perhaps win a new HERO3+ from #GoPro

  • Dan Allen

    Loving the discussion, I use my GoPro to capture all my families vacations. Do I just follow the hashtag #DadChat this Thursday?

    • Bruce Sallan

      Very cool @disqus_0JvooAAAYW:disqus – bring it Thursday. Yes, follow the #DadChat and #GoPro hashtags – use Hootsuite,, and/or TweetChat – makes it easier!

  • Tiffany C

    omg, would love this, dds are always on the go,

    the GoPro would be awesome to capture their action shots!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Anyone can win the HERO3+ tomorrow @disqus_gdodTaIHV5:disqus – hope to CU tomorrow with @GoPro at #DadChat

  • Edna Myers

    I will be listing this #DadChat on my Twitter Party Calendar for my blog followers to be informed!

    • Bruce Sallan

      @ednamyers:disqus – #DadChat will be big tonight with #GoPro giving away a HERO3+ package!

  • Julie Fields

    [email protected] or @jasfields_jail

    • Bruce Sallan

      No RSVP ever necessary for #DadChat @juliefields:disqus – and #moms are always welcome and always there! #GoPro

  • frugaliscious mom

    Hubby really want @GoPro will be the best father’s day gift if I get lucky to win this. Him and my son loves capturing videos.
    Thank you so much for the chance
    chat with you all tonight

    • Bruce Sallan

      @frugalisciousmom:disqus – ANYONE can win the HERO3+ Black Edition package tonight from #GoPro – come and find out how at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET!

  • Nichole McKinnon

    rsvp @nicholemckinnon

    • Bruce Sallan

      You never have to RSVP to #DadChat @nicholemckinnon:disqus – just show up and enjoy! #GoPro

  • Rick Cote

    rsvp @nick2rick

    • Bruce Sallan

      You never have to RSVP to #DadChat @disqus_40BS9AStkY:disqus – just show up! #GoPro

  • David D’Amato

    Wow saw you retweet from @Gopro looks to be an awesome discussion, going to try and make it to #DadChat

    • Bruce Sallan

      @daviddamato:disqus – we always have a great time at #DadChat – and often great sponsors/prizes, too! But, tonight with #GoPro is going to be EPIC!

  • Vanessa E

    rsvp @vlovesfree

  • Holly Wright

    rsvp @wrightholl

  • C.M.

    awesome prize! rsvp @macritcor

  • Justin

    RSVP @justints21 Always wanted a GoPro for capturing all the fun family activities with my family be it indoor or outdoor

  • Kimberly C.

    Hope a Mom join in the #DadChat?! 🙂 Tweet you then! @Ciesla504

    • Bruce Sallan

      @kimberlyciesla:disqus – #moms have ALWAYS been a part of #DadChat – #GoPro

  • Jeri Mae Rowley

    Hi Bruce. Met you at Peter Shankman’s mastermind group and have looked forward to #DadChat!

    • Bruce Sallan

      I didn’t see you at #DadChat @jeri_mae_rowley:disqus ??? #GoPro

  • bspears

    Where do we go to have a chance to win?

  • Mei

    Hi there! Chat is just over, and gosh… my heart was racing cos I tried to find out and copy answer for the last minute! lol never win and still don’t know what’s happening, but as always, had a blast!