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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bruce is away…we think he’s somewhere in this photo. Regular guest Wayne Levine will be hosting and bringing a number of his friends and associates to a full hour of “The Men’s Room” on being better men.

better men

Wayne Levine (, Bruce’s regular guest for “The Men’s Room” is today’s host while Bruce is lost in B.C. somewhere. See one video on the #DadChat Page.

Click on the link to stream online:

Part 1- Wayne and Friends

Part 2 – Wayne and Friends

Part 3 –  Wayne and Friends

Part 4 –  Wayne and Friends

Part 5 – Wayne and Friends

Downloadable files to take with you:

Part 1 – Introduction and Opening Remarks by Wayne

Part 2 – Wayne Levine and Friends

Part 3 – Wayne and Friends

Part 4 – Wayne and Friends

Part 5 – Closing remarks by Wayne