Thursdays – I’m NOT That Dad #2

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My first location “I’m NOT That Dad” vlog, shot in the exotic interior of my Prius on the way to record my radio show in Santa Barbara. Ramblings about my Thursdays – my favorite and most intense day of the week – and more. Talk about #DadChat and why I call it “Brain Exercise.” Watch more I’m NOT that Dad Vlogs!

  • VoogDesigns

    Hmmm, if we are not allowed to talk on cell phones while driving, I wonder what you would tell the officer in the middle of this vlog if you were to be pulled over? Love the video though- Very creative! Not sure I have ever seen something done in this setting before. Be carefel vlogging and driving!

    • Bruce Sallan

      You are right and it’s so funny to think what a CHP officer might have said/done!