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For some of us, “of a certain age/generation,” every new tech thing is yet another time we can get flummoxed and frustrated. How often have you opened that new tech device, camera, digital picture frame, or new “smart” phone, and felt anything but “smart?” I sometimes put the “thing” aside, stare at it a few days, and then finally get the courage to open it up.

What often follows, more often that I’d like to admit, is something doesn’t work right. Even learning the so-called simple things, like attaching and sending a photo via e-mail can sometimes be confusing. My favorite is when the only help you can get is online, but you can’t get online because of some connection problem. Or better, when you take their suggestion to call them for help before you return the darn thing.

Linda Sherman, Bruce Sallan and Ray Gordon  - boomertechtalk

Call them? Are you kidding me? Do you really want to beconnected to someone who doesn’t speak English all that well, in a far-away time zone. Tha

t’s, of course, after you’ve gone through the voice-menu options, and typed in your life story, which when you finally do get someone on the line asks you for all that information again!  ARGH!

I decided we (of that “certain age”) needed some help, so I’m very proud to tell you about a new Web site I created, with my partners Linda Sherman Gordon and Ray Gordon, called “” (aka Boomer Tech Talk logoBTT).  Linda is a prominent Social Media Marketing Consultant who helped take me from tech-boob to almost tech-geek. Ray Gordon is a brilliant designer, photographer, and true “Renaissance Man.”

We realized something was missing out there in Internet land, so we created a place that our generation could go to for technology help in simple-to-understand language.  It’s for you; it’s for me, and it’s for those of us that are parents so we won’t fall completely behind our kids. Please check it out. I really believe this will be of value to boomers everywhere, and older and younger people, that struggle with the basics of much of our constantly changing technology.

BoomerTechTalk understands that it’s important to stay relevant and connected to our fast-changing world.  It’s for parents who want to keep up with their kids.  It’s for adults who want to get their parents to keep up with them.  It’s for anyone who is open and willing to learn.

It's a Tech World After All by Aaron Sallan

My 14-year-old son created a comic strip for BTT called, “It’s a Tech World After All,” which this biased and proud dad thinks is terrific. It’s in the “Family” tab.

It's a Tech World After All by Aaron Sallan

Now, let’s start learning. First thing, open that digital camera you’ve had sitting on your desk the past few weeks. Buy that new cell-phone and learn how to text. Don’t be afraid.


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