The Day I Went Crazy At the Bank!

Category: Families & Generations

I went nuts at the bank. Yup, it’s true. I was overwhelmed and I just over-reacted.

I go to the same branch of Wells Fargo. There’s ALWAYS a line. ALWAYS. Every person at the teller takes FOREVER to do their business. Sometimes, a very nice bank person comes out and asks, “If you have a straight deposit, no cash back, I can help you.” I want to kill that person! We ALL want cash back or something beyond a simple deposit! Why doesn’t she come out and say, “We’ve got ten tellers on break right now, but I’ll ask one of them to come out early and maybe help get this line moving”? How about that instead?

So, I headed into the bank with my expectations sure that the line would be long, slow, and I’d be looking at my watch every few seconds as if THAT WOULD MAKE IT MOVE ANY FASTER!

But, lo and behold, the bank was empty of customers. Yes, NOT one customer inside. In fact, all the bankers were at their desks looking bored. There were four, yes FOUR tellers at their booths, twiddling their thumbs. You could hear a pin drop!

To say I was stunned is an understatement.

To say I was speechless is just not representative of the shock I felt at this amazing sight.

So, I did what any self-respecting middle-aged married dad-of-two-boys would do.

Like in “Home Alone,” I began to scream…”There’s no one here!” “There’s no line” “This is a miracle” – all the while running around the bank waving my arms above my head, in the air, in ecstasy! It was cathartic. It was fun. It was childish.I stopped. You could still hear that pin drop. The silence was deafening.  No one said a thing.

But, then, every employee began smiling and they all spontaneously applauded.

A magical moment. And, one I’ll never forget.