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There was a popular feminist slogan in the early days of “the movement” that went something like, women need men as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

Thankfully, we have moved past the radical nature of early feminist’s beliefs to a middle ground, though you’d never know it if you looked at the courses and syllabuses in Women’s Studies departments at colleges.

But, most men and women, especially moms and dads, understand that equality doesn’t mean we’re the same.  We all tend to agree that equal pay for equal work is the way it should be, but in other areas our gender needs are just different.  We are built differently, so get over it.

Men are slugs; Women are emotional.  Men watch sports; women like chick flicks.  Men retreat to their caves; women want to talk about it.  Men like to burp and fart: women like to do laundry.  Shall I go on or are you already screaming at your screen?

Part of this quirk of nature is that in fact women NEED men, in spite of the feminist rants.  We know men need women, if for only the civilizing, order, and family they bring to us.  I’m not even mentioning the cooking and laundry.  In fact, studies show married men live longer than their single counterparts.

But, women also need men. Fact. Sorry, Ms. College Professor, but it’s true no matter how many bras you burn.  And, bottom line, we need each other and what is wrong with that? But, what do I know; after all, I’m just a guy.

  • http://www.bloggerfather.com/ BloggerFather

    Yikes. Yesterday I broke the first rule of blogging: agreeing with the blogger (or leaving quietly), so I guess I might as well continue. I’m on a roll.

    I’m trying to find a middle ground with you, but I can’t find anything. Every word here is wrong. It’s offensive, too. Sure, many women need men. But men don’t need women? We like to pretend we’re strong, and we love beer and football and boobies, but really, we’re just looking for a good hug from a woman who’ll tell us everything will be okay. Deep down inside. You may get there one day.

    The feminist rants, as you call them, don’t start and end with “women don’t need men.” They’re much more to do with the idea that a woman doesn’t need to leave her personality behind when she does meet a man, and about the idea that if she wants, a woman should also be allowed to go into her cave for a while.

    The fish-bicycle slogan says women may find what they need in their men, but they can also fulfill their needs with caring for children, with community work, with their careers, and with vibrators. And with other women, by the way. Which means they’re exactly like men.

    Maybe you’re trying to say, “enough with the politically correct BS!” Fair enough. But just because you say something non-PC, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Sorry. I just can’t stand sports.

  • http://seetheorun.wordpress.com Harriet

    Good for you for having a DAD blog. The MOM blog worlds needs some Yin for its Yang (or vice versa). Now please excuse me, I have some laundry to do while my husband watches Hell Boy.

  • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

    Thx for the comment BloggerFather and thank you Harriet for the kind words. Now, BF, it’s a blog on momlogic called “Just A Guy” and is not meant to be an in-depth serious column like most of my “A Dad’s Point-of-View” columns. Just by virtue of limited length I can only make generalities. I think it’s quite clear that I’m saying we BOTH need each other. And, yes, I was being anti-PC with my generalities let alone the title which is clearly provocative. I suspect you and I are very much on the same page and I’d LOVE you to call in or write to me for one of my radio shows! Then we can really go at it – or find we really do agree!

    Thanks for writing and reading me…really.

  • SB Independent

    Oh for Pete’s sake! What planet are you living on?

  • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

    SB – you are consistent. Short and sweet. Call in and let’s have some fun discussing our differences – I promise (I mean it) to be respectful and hope you’ll do the same. What makes this country great is we are allowed to have our own opinions, speak them, debate them, and hopefully have a good discourse.