Man on Subway #NewYork

New  York is a wonderful, wild, and peculiar town. My son says you’re NOT allowed to talk to people on the subway. I talk to everyone. Some people are simply so interesting to watch. This guy spent the entire ride repeating the same looks left and right. I captured some of it, but he really repeated this pattern over and over again.

A Tour of #YALE

This was the first time I “GOT” the value of an Ivy League education. Not that I ever disparaged one before, but this tour and the information expressed gave me an insight into how cool going to a college like Yale could be. I sort of wish I could do it all over again!

A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Man’s Need for Purpose

The purpose of life

Since I am a man, I often write from a man’s perspective. Duh. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a point of view about both men and women. That is one of the reasons I write the “Men vs. Women” (blog) series. So, I will assert a potentially perceived (by overly sensitive PC peeps) sexist statement, which I believe applies more to men than women but ALSO applies to (some) women: Men NEED a purpose in their lives. And, yes, many women do as well.

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