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Work-Life Balance

A recent study reflected a remarkable change in parents’ expectations for their children’s future. For the first time in memory, the majority of parents did NOT expect their children to exceed their parent’s fiscal success. And, in my opinion, this is the reality we are currently facing. I had it easier than my boys’ do and will. I was lucky. They may not be so lucky.

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Son Finds His Passion at Thrively

Son Finds His Passion at Thrively - BISS 142

I’m working with because I think it’s an awesome website and tool for parents and their kids. Unlock YOUR child’s potential! For now, you can register free and have your kid(s) take their free assessment test. I had my boys do it and was amazed at how good the results were. Do it now!

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Crossroads at Work: What’s Next?

Doubt crossroads sign

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in New Orleans, on the 26th floor, where I’m attending a conference about and for dads. A disturbing dream woke me up in the dark of morning as I hear the sounds of train-horns in the distance and know the Mississippi River is lazing by in one direction and Bourbon Street is in the other direction.

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The Longest Day

I wonder how many readers remember the movie, “The Longest Day?” That was the inspiration for the title of this week’s column since one of my summer days this summer was indeed a very long day. We had been visiting my in-laws in Vancouver and the trip was over and we were leaving early the next morning. I don’t like airports at all so I approached the day with a minor degree of dread.

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