Growing Up — Two Generations at a Time (aka “Finding Your Passion”)

Sometimes, life brings us a lot of lessons at once.  In my family, we’ve gotten our share of them recently and they’ve added dimension to our lives and allowed us to each grow in different ways, without necessarily providing a neat and regular narrative for my column.  That hasn’t stopped me yet and I think you’ll find they all coalesce into something meaningful called finding your passion.

Let’s begin with my older son growing as a rock ‘n’ roller, a talented drummer, guitarist, and vocalist.  His passion carried over to an extraordinary opportunity of a lifetime when he got to jam with his idol, Chris Cornell (Soundgarden and Audioslave) at The Roxy Theatre, on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood.  The full story and video are here (, but suffice it to say, I became a sort of “stage dad” along the way.

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