Dive Day in The Seychelles

We met a wonderful family – The Lesters – on our trip. They are avid dive fans and had made arrangements to scuba at many of the ports on our trip. I joined them twice – in The Maldives and in The Seychelles (Islands). Both times were wonderful. Here’s a glimpse…

2 Minutes 2 See Kenya

I try to do videos that are not boring travelogues. That usually means PEOPLE. This is a prime example of how the very simple – video taken in one position on a ferry in Kenya – can convey the feeling of the place. In this case, a ferry from Mombasa to the mainland..

Monkey Business

Zanzibar is a pretty bleak place. Frankly, it’s depressing. But, we did have a light time at Jozani Forest when we encountered these monkeys and their “monkey business” – be sure to see the surprise ending!

World War Z at the Taj Mahal

Seeing the swarms of people that came through the entrance to the Taj Mahal at Sunset was truly mind-boggling. I know it doesn’t look that crazy busy and crowded but it was and it brought to mind the wild scenes from the movie, “World War Z.” The joy on the faces though is so apparent. And, the colors so vivid. It truly is a wonder of the world!

Ebony and My Nikes

Travel is amazing. I just hate the “travel” part. But I absolutely love the “PEOPLE” part. By engaging with nearly everyone I met, my experiences were enhanced immeasurably. This is a short video story of just such an encounter…