A Dad’s Point-of-View on Giving Back

There are so many cliché’s about how giving back, doing charitable works, and thinking and doing for others will bring you happiness, satisfaction, and maybe even bring you out of a depression.  As with most cliché’s, this one is generally true and I wish more people would heed the wisdom of “repairing the world” as it is often expressed in my religion.

While my writing and focus tends to be gender-biased, from the man’s point-of-view, I will assert that in this regard, “giving” is something that is inherent in both men’s and women’s DNA.  Men, as we well know, have the “fix-it” thing built into them while women have the “nurturing” one wired into their DNA.  Before you yell at your computer, I am again making a generalization as, of course, this does not apply to every man or woman.
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