What Is the State of Gender Affairs?

There’s no question that technology changes faster than most of us yuppies and boomers can handle.  I don’t know what the current number of years for technology “generations” is, but I do know that if you have children five or more years apartin age, they will each use technology differently.  I’ve observed my own two boys, just three years apart, using social media/smart phones each in his own distinct way. My younger son relies almost exclusively on texting, while my older son actually occasionally talks on his cell-phone.

Things may not move quite this fast with our state of gender affairs but I assert that we are now experiencing changes in our gender roles much faster than at any other time in human history.  While I’m part of the sixties generation where we believed we re-invented everything, from sex to politics, established that anyone over 30 didn’t know anything, changed college life forever, was the first generation to have the pill, and the first to topple a presidency and end a war by withdrawal, we still have our own adjustments to these gender changes.
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Radio Show – Are Second Marriages Harder?

Radio Show – Are Second Marriages Harder?

First air date: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Featured guests:

Jim Scheinberg (North Pier Fiduciary Management) for “Family Financial Matters”

Wayne Levine (BetterMen.Org) for “The Men’s Room”

Pastor Drew Sams (Calvary Church, Westlake Village, CA) for “Teen Rap”

Julie Spira (The Cyber Dating Expert) for “Single Parenting Dating”

The column referenced is, “Are Second Marriages Harder?.”
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