Tips for Parents on How to Talk to Your Kids about The Boston Explosion

 Running Shoes and a Heart for Boston

Tips from Dr. Jennifer Weberman, Commentary by Bruce

The Boston Explosion aka The Boston Bombings have had a large impact on all of us. Such a senseless act of terror often raises difficult questions for parents and children. How can such evil exist? Where does it come from? Are we safe? What’s next? The list of questions is endless and for many of them, there is no simple answer, anymore than there is a simple answer to questions of faith. However, as parents, we must be able to comfort our children in these times of unfathomable suffering and unthinkable acts of evil.

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#DadChat Is Having a Scavenger Hunt and Discussing Holiday Stress


scavenger hunt

#DadChat is Thursday, November 3 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST.

Our topic is Holiday Stress.

#DadChat is having the first-ever Tweet Chat Scavenger Hunt!  We are giving away TEN copies of The Voice: Step Into the Story of Scripture, a brand new translation of the Bible. The first ten peeps who find the answers to the three questions that make up our Scavenger Hunt will win! You will have to hunt for the answers.You have to earn our giveaways!

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No Virginia, There Is NO Such Thing As Quality Time

One of my very first A Dad’s Point-of-View columns addressed the issue of Quality Time. It has become an “evergreen,” one of the columns that I believe has enduring value and that I send out to all new papers and web sites when they begin carrying my work. It’s an evergreen because it is so true. Forget what you read in new age parenting books about Quality Time. There is NO SUCH THING.

In that first column, I shared two examples of how quantity time resulted in quality time with my younger son. Both cases were not planned and both examples were open-ended as it related to time. Kids have their own timetable about opening up and it’s not something you can schedule like their dentist or doctor appointments. read more