The Bruce Sallan Radio Show – First Details

It’s really mostly good news, for sure, but it’s also more of a business proposition than I’d originally thought. Just another challenge and, truly, a great opportunity.  Plus, I wanted an excuse to post the great Theme from the movie, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. First Details.

Here’s how it works, nowadays, with local radio.  The stations can no longer afford to pay for and provide programming on a regular basis. They just don’t get the advertising anymore!  So, the model is changing in the following manner.

They essentially sell the whole time slot to a host/program. That person or entity then pays for the studio time, engineering, and does their own promotion AND owns the show.  That, of course, is “the good news.”  There’s much more good news than bad, btw, but “the bad news” is I have to work to sell the show via my various social media outlets, my own salesmanship, and friends and colleagues that can help.  So, with all the web-sites and newspapers that carry my “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column, all my readers, my Facebook page, Twitter “followers,” and former showbiz contacts, I do have a good “rollodex” of people to mine.  BUT, that is not why I went into this new career of mine (to be a salesman), but I have those chops and the end-game is worth it. Listen Now