Practice Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah comic stripBecause I Said So celebrates both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah – even though Hanukkah is misspelled but there are so many spellings so who cares – with our 110th comic strip. Michael Voogd, the BISS illustrator, added the words “Practice Thanksgiving” and I think it was a brilliant “stroke.” Yes, we should all “Practice Thanksgiving” every day of the year. Also, this is the last time for another 70,000 years that Hanukkah will actually fall – for a full day – on Thanksgiving Day. Bet you didn’t know that!?

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Radio Show: Thanksgiving Special

First air date: Thursday, November 22, 2012

Featured guests:

Pastor Drew Sams  (Calvary Church, Westlake Village, CA) for “Teen Rap”

This is our Thanksgiving special and the column referenced is, “What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?” and the discussion is about Thanksgiving, with quotes from readers, the Bible, famous and less famous people. Also relevant is “Ten Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving.”

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The In-Laws and Thanksgiving

in-laws and thanksgivingIt’s Thanksgiving and we’re heading into the holidays! That means family. And that often means family visiting. AND, it means in-laws! How do you deal with “family?” Often not easy, is it? Dad is kicked out of his bedroom and isn’t too happy…The in-laws AND Thanksgiving – it’s just too much!

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