Over-Stepping As a Step-Parent

over-steppingImage courtesy of mattkendrick.com

As I begin writing this column, I find it ironic how little I’ve written about conflicts in my home between my wife, my boys, and me over our blended family.  My wife “inherited” my two boys and my two dogs when she agreed to marry me. Having not had kids, she never expected to be a step-mom, let alone to two boys living at home full-time.

Oddly enough, I never expected to marry again and certainly if I did, I only expected to marry a divorced mother.  So, my wife and I defied our respective assumptions, expectations, and even dating history when we got together.  To be clear, up front, I lucked out and got the better of this deal, without a doubt.  Since my wife rarely reads my columns, this is only written because it’s the truth and something of which I am proud.

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