Social Media Social Good – The Social Media Addiction Test

Social Media Addiction is as real as any addiction

There’s no doubt that there will be more and more columns, magazine covers, and television coverage of the affects of technology on our lives. Our kids have grown up in a smart-phone tech world and know nothing other than that reality. We all now have what I call virtual friends, those “friends” that we actually consider friends but that we’ve actually never met or even spoken with. When I was kid that was the stuff of science fiction. So, it was inevitable that some of us would get addicted to our tech, to Social Media, and the devices we seem to cherish.

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Are You a #SocialMedia Addict


Let’s start with the definition of addict (from ad·dict noun
~~ A person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict. Okay, that seems simple enough. I’m addicted to many things, thankfully none of them all that harmful. They include skiing, my kids, writing, eating, and maybe, just maybe Social Media.

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Are You Or Your Kids Social Media Addicts? #DadChat This Week

Are you addicted to social media? We used to worry about how much time our kids spent on television. Now we worry about how much time they spend on ALL their screens and how much, IF ANY, time they spend outside? That’s our topic for #DadChat this Thursday, December 15 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm pst.

Plus, we’re going to share and discuss a great list from @BrandFlair about manly xmas gift ideas, one of which will be our giveaway! John Boyle will be my co-host and is the author of that list. VueZone has kindly donated TWO of their video monitoring systems. This is a REAL value, a REAL giveaway. More about VueZone is below. We’ll have two to give away plus likely some cool gift baskets, too (tbd).

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