I Love to Ski

I’ve ¬†been a ski lover for years. During my first marriage I hardly got to ski at all. My first wife wasn’t interested NOR were my boys. We tried, but they didn’t take to it and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a dad it’s that you can’t nor shouldn’t push your kids to do what you like vs. what they like. You can introduce them to your passions, but they get to make the choice – or you’ll suffer in the end!

When my marriage ended, I vowed I’d never give up skiing again. My boys were now older and I was able to get baby-sitters for my ski trips. When I was blessed to meet my second wife, it turned out she was a better skier than me. We’ve enjoyed skiing together ever since.

In fact, we are going on our second heli-skiing trip next month…below is my favorite photo from our last one to The Adamants in British Columbia.

What a view - Look at our ski tracks in the distance

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