Life Lessons From Charlotte

Charlotte is my wife’s dog. She’s a Weimaraner and she’s been through hell and back. But, she’s still livin’ life, lovin’ life, and her attitude is a lesson for us all. I love Charlotte. She has spunk and unlike the classic exchange from the Mary Tyler Moore” television show: “Lou: You know what? You’ve got spunk. Mary: Well, yes… Lou: I hate spunk.” Unlike Lou, I like spunk!

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

No, I’m not writing about the movie or its wonderful music. Instead, this column will contain lists of random things that I think fit those three categories. I was driving to Mammoth, a ski resort we frequent, alone and early in the morning and began reflecting on my life. I had a rough period recently and was feeling a bit blue. I know that that feeling is fleeting and I have much to be grateful for. In fact, I know that gratitude is the key to happiness.

So, I started making a mental list of the things that I have to be grateful for, but I couldn’t help but also think of some of the ca-ca (a good parenting word, don’t you think?) in my life and the world, as well. I’m going to try and stay focused on “The Good” though acknowledging and recognizing “The Bad, and the Ugly.” read more