A Dad, His Son, and D’s and F’s

What parent hasn’t dreaded report card time, especially when a child is underperforming?  How do two kids, born of the same genetic material, turn out so differently when it comes to school performance and their work ethic? When is it wrong if the “problem” child gets more attention than the one who gets his work done and maintains good grades?  These are questions most households face and we are definitely in the middle of them right now.

My older son, Will, is multi-talented when it comes to music and disinterested when it comes to school.  He plays several instruments and is almost a walking encyclopedia of contemporary music and even knows quite a bit about music from previous generations.  He’s also multi-talented at fooling me about his school-work, even though he’s clear the truth about his grades will always surface. read more

Just A Guy Frustrated With E-Mail

I completely love e-mail, as I dislike the phone–cell or hard-line.  My former career in showbiz was spent on the phone so now I love the freedom of answering and responding to e-mail whenever I want.  However, I am frustrated with e-mail as it is fraught with problems and, as I just read, is rapidly becoming anachronistic as more immediate forms of communication, such as IMs and Twitter, are taking over (among the younger generation specifically).

The thing that I keep on forgetting and can’t seem to learn is how e-mail is not the same as direct dialogue.  Subtlety rarely comes across and sarcasm usually is lost.  Then, there are the bigger risks when dealing with the opposite gender of being misunderstood and accused of flirting or the like. read more

Patience Is My Middle Name

First, a disclaimer. It seems the reactions to my families’ nicknames has been mixed from readers. I respect my readers and I also got the same feedback from a new friend, via this column, in Australia. Isn’t the Internet amazing? So, hereafter, I will dispense with the nicknames. My wife is Loren, my older son is Will, and my younger one is David. And, I love them dearly.

I’m sure you catch just a little sarcasm in the title of today’s column. Patience has and is my biggest personal struggle. With me, with others, with the world at large. You’d think that having kids would moderate that poor characteristic. And, I suppose, to some degree it has. But, in general, this is my Achilles heel. read more