Concert Series: The Goodbye Concert by Refrain

My son Arnie has begun his college career at The Berklee College of Music. His band – Refrain – had a Goodbye Concert this past summer. Enjoy these highlights and see the birth of a star! We’ll ALL look back at this video someday and say, “we knew them when.” But I’m not a biased dad!

A #DadChat Rock n Roll Party with Jason Ramsey: Postscript by @Faryna

What songs make you feel more you?

That’s what music is all about, right?

Music has the power to unlock emotions, memories, and consciousness. It allows us to become temporarily aware of parts of ourselves that we do not ordinarily access in our every day routines and chores – especially those parts of ourselves that are deep, strong, and meaningful beyond words.

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We Shook, Rattled, and Rolled at #DadChat

#DadChat Rocked and Rolled Thursday, June 7 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PT. Everyone shared their your favorite desert island song (YouTube links) and all-time favorite R&R album. Was it be a Beatles album or song? The Doors, Led Zepellin, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Lady Gaga, The Stones, Elvis Presley, Madonna, or The Jackson Five? Was it be metal, punk, pop, traditional, or grunge?  Jason Ramsey was our co-host and you can read the transcript and see exactly how much fun you missed!

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Teens Dealing With Their Angst

Teen energy, angst and anger manifests itself in many ways. Every day it seems that we read about some teen that has done something unusually self-destructive, and occasionally destructive to others. Columbine was an extreme example of this.  Many so-called “normal” teens tend to use or abuse the ol’ standbys of drinking, drugs, and sex to handle these emotions and changes.  For my own 16-year-old, his reaction has been mostly anger.  The irony is that I’ve found this to be both good and bad.

How hormones affect the average teen have been studied and documented, but no one really knows definitively their effect since each teen reacts in different ways.  The same is true for most women’s experience with menopause, as my wife has suffered horribly while for her mother it was a blip on the screen of her mid-life. Will has done a little of the aforementioned “standbys” stated above, to some degree. But he’s done nothing extraordinary, over-the-top, or that different from all teens with the possible exception of his recent angry moods.

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My Son Has a Girlfriend; Now What Do I Do?

My son has a girlfriend, his first, and I am pleased that he is now old and mature enough to enter the dating stage. I’m excited for him.  In a funny way, I’m re-living vicariously my long-forgotten feelings of first love and all the nervousness, anxiety, and “What am I going to do?” anxieties I felt at his age.  Nonetheless, I need to allow him to have his space, and keep my distance while still making sure that they’re acting appropriately.  But I don’t fully know how much to ask, observe, or try and find out.  Mostly, I think I need to let him discover for himself.

We’ll start with the back-story, a familiar but sweet teen romance and how “we” got to this stage.  I fully believe this is a stage that is nothing less than good, that I’m happy about, and that I didn’t personally experience till after high school.  Clearly, this is one of the reasons for the vicarious feelings.  I slightly envy his maturity and confidence in pursuing this relationship and it also makes me proud of how he’s handled things. read more