Are You On Time?

With all the wonderful technology at our fingertips, one would think that keeping track of appointments and being on time would be easier than ever.  I suspect that punctuality is largely going the way of shame and honesty, and becoming less ubiquitous, less obligatory.  Texting that there’s traffic delaying one’s arrival is the new excuse for not leaving on time in the first place.  Is this good?  How does this affect our kids?  And, like with the relative loss of shame and honesty, how will this affect their work dealings? Do you often ask yourself, “Are you on time?”

I remember, during my single days, having a friend who was chronically late whenever we’d meet for a dinner and movie get-together.  I’d arrive on time and he’d just saunter in 20-30 minutes late with hardly an apology.  I think everyone has a friend like that who gets away with it because of his or her incredibly charming personality and charisma.  That was the case with “Barry.”  Barry charmed all his friends and all his friends just accepted this “quirk” of his.

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