Dubai to Mumbai: Decadence and Deprivation

Twisted Building - Whole View5 - good one

                                                  All photos by Bruce Sallan

Going from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to various stops in India is about as stark a change as one can imagine. Dubai is a 42-year-new country with unlimited resources and a tiny (indigenous) population of 1 million, while India has been around since well before the birth of Christ and its 1.2 billion inhabitants account for 18% of the world’s human beings.

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Too Much Gratitude at #DadChat


Poverty and Women

I just returned home from a trip to The Middle East, India, and many countries in Africa. Some called it “The Poverty Tour” while others ignored the abject suffering we saw and focused on the good. There was plenty of both. I’m still digesting it all. Oddly enough, I was VERY strongly struck by the landing approach into Los Angeles, as I passed rows and rows of neatly arranged modern homes and buildings – many with swimming pools.

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