Money Money Money and More Money

Update 12/2/11 – Since I wrote this original post a few months back, the whole #Occupy Wall Street aka #OWS movement began. I wrote a column about that which got some strong reactions. But, the issue of money and our kids remains a concern. Whether you think the “kids” that are protesting have led a bit too sheltered life, or not, doesn’t matter. Our kids face serious questions and challenges in their lives vis-a-vis money and that is not up for debate.


It’s hard for me to believe, but after writing more than one hundred “A Dad’s Point-of-View” columns, I’ve yet to tackle one of the biggest issues in families. It is one of the issues that causes more dissension among couples than any others–money.  It’s said that money, children, moving, in-laws, and sex are among the hot-button subjects that are the most likely to create tensions between spouses. Would you agree?

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The Value of Money and Occupy Wall Street #OWS


 Hmmm, ya think she took the day off from work?

For this dad, the #OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protests are a lot of hooey with no message, no cohesiveness, and a lot of mess and disorderly conduct. For this man, it’s a bunch of lazy, spoiled kids looking for an excuse to party. For this radio host, it’s another excuse for #MSM (Main Stream Media) to provide yet another skewed view of the news. It is also yet another demonstration of the diminution of the value of hard work and money.

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