The Outside Lands Music Festival Allowed This Old Dude In!

Outside Lands Music Festival

Preamble: I joke that I’m the oldest person on the grounds at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for the Outside Lands Music Festival – this being my third year going with my sons. The only people I saw that were older than me were performers. The first year it was Tom Jones, last year it was Neil Young, and this year it is both Paul McCartney and Willie Nelson. Outside Lands is an amazing experience and I don’t think age should be a determinant of attendance even if the 65,000 attendees could pretty much all be my kids. read more

Dad Goes to Outside Lands in San Francisco

Comic Strip about Outside Lands in San FranciscoThe generations collide yet again as Dad gets down – way down – while attending The Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco with Son. Dad references Woodstock to which Son is lost. Heck, Son wishes he was really lost – away from Dad and “his moves!” Of course, everyone knows that I’m NOT That Dad, though I did happen to attend Outside Lands. Enjoy The Best of Outside Lands 2013, a 12-minute highlights video and A Taste of Paul, short clips from Paul McCartney’s nearly 3-hour opening night performance.

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A Taste of Paul McCartney at #OutsideLands, 2013

Paul McCartney, at 71, put on a flawless nearly 3-hour show on August 9, 2013 at The Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. This is just 3 minutes of clips – and EACH clip that has music is shorter than 15 seconds so YouTube – LISTEN TO ME – don’t hassle me about the rights! This should be completely legal and I’m NOT making money from this – just sharing an awesome experience with my friends! When he did “Live and Let Die,” the place went absolutely wild – see it at the end…

Old Guy at Outside Lands 2012 #Music

Outside Lands 2012 is an incredible music festival that takes place each summer in San Francisco. This was my 2nd time there. The first time I went with my older son and two of his friends. This time I went with both of my boys. They are old enough that we all went our separate ways. I so enjoyed some of the concerts but mostly I enjoyed the people. This is the first of several videos I’ll be sharing from 5 hours of footage I took.

I’m TOO Old for #OutsideLands and 65,000 Kids at a Music Festival!

Making friends! Check out Clark's outfit - she's on my left!

I took my boys to San Francisco to attend the Outside Lands Music Festival this summer. It’s one of those Woodstock-like three-day music extravaganzas. There were several stages strewn around Golden Gate Park and, given today’s sponsorships there were all kinds of companies represented, big and small. Giveaways, prizes, PR of all kinds, and amazing food abounded, along with the unmistakable aroma of weed.

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My Son Has a Girlfriend; Now What Do I Do?

My son has a girlfriend, his first, and I am pleased that he is now old and mature enough to enter the dating stage. I’m excited for him.  In a funny way, I’m re-living vicariously my long-forgotten feelings of first love and all the nervousness, anxiety, and “What am I going to do?” anxieties I felt at his age.  Nonetheless, I need to allow him to have his space, and keep my distance while still making sure that they’re acting appropriately.  But I don’t fully know how much to ask, observe, or try and find out.  Mostly, I think I need to let him discover for himself.

We’ll start with the back-story, a familiar but sweet teen romance and how “we” got to this stage.  I fully believe this is a stage that is nothing less than good, that I’m happy about, and that I didn’t personally experience till after high school.  Clearly, this is one of the reasons for the vicarious feelings.  I slightly envy his maturity and confidence in pursuing this relationship and it also makes me proud of how he’s handled things. read more