Are #Marriage and Having Children Dying?

Marriage Quotes

One of my joys in life is talking with people wherever I go. My kids used to be completely embarrassed by this trait of mine but now don’t even pay attention. As my boys are entering adulthood and the challenges, options, and choices they will face, I find myself more interested in how young people are choosing to live their lives. More and more, my scientific polling and studies (hardly) seem to indicate less interest in marriage or kids.

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The Best Of: There’s No Such Thing As Quality Time

no such thing

This post will inaugurate a “Best Of” series of column re-runs — early “A Dad’s Point-of-View” columns that may not have seen much in the way of readers. Thankfully, my writing and Social Media work have grown considerably since I began writing way back when. What I strived to do from the onset was to write about topics that had what I like to call evergreen value, meaning the topic was not time-sensitive.

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Life Lessons: Do Not Expect Perfect Friends

Very important life lesson to teach your children is to learn that they should never expect perfect friends.

There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues!

Do you remember that great Eddie Cochran song, “Summertime Blues” from the fifties? Originally a single B-side, it peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 29, 1958. Cochran died at the tender age of 21 in a taxi accident in England. The song is ranked #73 in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. But, enough of the music history lesson as it’s another summer and another 10 weeks wondering what the boys will be doing, as well as the family as a whole.

Each summer poses unique challenges for parents and kids. This summer is no different for my family as we’re moving sometime just before school starts in the fall.  Everyone knows about the joys of moving and we’re happy with the new house that we think we have. The deal is yet to close, as of this writing, but it’s looking good.  The prospect of moving again, just two years after our last move, isn’t a likely highlight of this summer.  We have some minor work to do on the new house, though my experience is it’s never “minor.”

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Turbulence Ahead — Raising Teens Is No Picnic!

My wife dragged me to her church for an all-day seminar called “Turbulence Ahead–Parenting Teens Through the Bumpy Years.”  I went along, in support of her and in support of her recent “turbulence” with our oldest son, who is 16½ and a handful.  But, my initial reaction was that this was a long time to spend on a subject that I know pretty well, which is that raising teens is no picnic.

At the seminar, it was quickly evident that my knowledge on the subject could certainly use a refresher, if not a full-on course.  Within minutes, I grabbed the pen that we were given and I began taking notes.  I ran out of space and in no time, I filled up the supplied notes sections of the program brochure.

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My 13-Year-Old “Know-It-All”

There’s nothing new dealing with teens that think they know it all, but recently I’ve found that my 13-year-old is making me crazy with his attitude. I’ve got another teen at home – his 16-year-old brother, so I do have some experience living with a teen, but it doesn’t get any easier!

David and I occasionally go on short ski trips together, without his step-mom or older brother, and that is when David’s attitude tends to fully blossom.  This “attitude” manifests itself in his regularly contradicting everything I say, questioning why he has to do something I ask him to do, and generally being constantly contrary. read more