Do As I Say – Not As I Do! #MoralQuestionOfTheWeek


Are you a parental hypocrite? Do you tell your kids the dangers of smoking or drinking, while holding a cigarette and beer? How about something less obvious – do you NOT wear a helmet when you ski or ride a bike while demanding that your kids wear one? I see this ALL the time when I ski and it makes me nuts! Very simply, are YOU a parental hypocrite? Own it if you are and work to change it. Remember that your kids SEE everything you do.

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Dad’s a Hypocrite

Have you ever done “Do as I say (not as I do)?” How many times have parents heard their kids say, “It’s not fair!”  How many times have older kids called their parents, “Hypocrite?”  How many times were the kids right?

My older son called me a hypocrite the other day because I was making disturbing noises early one morning, while he and his brother were still sleeping.  Important noises like singing silly ditties to my dogs. It was not the least bit different from my asking my sons to stop their particular “disturbing noises” when I’m trying to concentrate on work at home.  My son was right. It was hypocritical, though a bit dramatic to label me a “Hypocrite.”

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Just A Guy Wearing A Helmet (ALL THE TIME!)

I went skiing this Winter Break and had a wonderful time. However, I couldn’t get over the hypocrisy I often witnessed with parents and their kids.  For every parent I saw wearing a helmet and skiing or boarding with their kids, I saw another not wearing a helmet, demonstrating the classic case of “Do what I say, not what I do.”

This made me CRAZY.  I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I’ve been wearing a helmet for years.  Like seat belts, it is truly going to be ubiquitous some day but, for now, it’s an optional accessory to many skiers and snowboarders.  Excuse me!?  How many people need to get paralyzed or killed before the average parent “gets it?”

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