If Not Now, When?

Rabbi Hillel had a famous quote from about 2,000 years ago: “If Not Now, When?”  If ever there was a timeless question this is it, especially as we enter the holiday season.  It really applies to just about everything in our lives, but for the sake of staying “on point,” I am applying it to parenting.

Everyone remembers the classic Harry Chapin song, “The Cat’s in the Cradle,” which is about a dad who taught his son to be like himself–a too busy dad to make time for his son–only to learn that lesson himself, when he was on the receiving end of his son’s unavailability.  Can you listen to that song without tearing up?  I can’t.

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The Rabbi’s Message – by Rabbi Bryski

The following was sent to me via an e-mail by the extraordinary Rabbi Bryski of the Chabad of the Conejo.  What a marvelous idea to compare Twitter to bigger meaning in our lives.  Take a read:

Dear Bruce;
Until recently if you asked someone if they “twitter,” they’d probably give you a funny look. They might say, “What, do I look like, a bird?” Or they’d be insulted, because “twitter” meant “babble” – basically to yak nonsense. Come to think of it, maybe the definition still applies. ?

But twitter now has a new meaning. “Twitter” is the name of an online service that allows people to send out short messages called “Tweets.” They have some value – a kind of electronic news bulletin. Flash! Accident on the interstate. But “Tweets” have also upped the interaction level – one can follow a celebrity’s Tweets. Or you can build up your own following. Tweet about your walk from the car to the office. read more