Evolution of Technology – Travel

Travel is for everyone

In this edition of the Evolution of Technology blog series, which is co-written by Professor David E. Weber and myself, we take a look at Travel. How we book it, do it, and live it. Without a doubt, travel has undergone incredible changes since I went to Europe using Frommer’s “Europe on $5 and $10 a Day,” when I was 19. And, we did it, too. I’m going to take the first stab at this column, followed Professor David E. Weber who, as I am writing this, is traveling to and from England.

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Evolution of Technology: Adding and Subtracting

Comic about evolution - Darwin

Professor Weber leads off our look at adding and subtracting – math – and the devices old and new that we employ, in this edition of the Evolution of Technology blog series which is co-written by Professor David E. Weber and myself.

We often use the term technology as a catchall shorthand reference to the microprocessor-driven devices (notebook and desktop computers, mobile telephones and smart phones, tablets, iPods and more) we use for work, play and management of our lives generally. The basic purpose of the chips in the hearts of those devices is to perform calculations. Therefore, to think in terms of the evolution of technology is to a significant extent to think about the evolution in tools used for calculating.

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The Evolution of Technology: MTV

MTV logo

It’s time to continue our Evolution of Technology series, this time remembering MTV. As usual, I co-write these columns with Professor David E. Weber. I can’t believe I’m even putting “MTV” and “Remembering” in the same sentence, but it’s now been long enough that MTV is part of our nostalgia plus the changes in MTV have been significant in addition to its impact on our culture and entertainment.

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Are You Keeping Up with Technology and Social Media Changes?


I have a confession. When I buy a new tech device, something simple like a digital camera or a digital photo frame, I get all excited at the cashier as I’m buying it. First, because I always buy on sale and am happy at the good deal. Second, because I think I need whatever it is. I look at the box and I get tingles. I then sit it on the seat next to me and gaze lovingly at it when waiting at red lights. On getting home, I cradle it in my arms and take it to my office where I gently place it on my desk.

Where it sits.

And sits.

And sits.

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The Evolution of Technology

I’ve been lazy updating this section, so don’t expect the latest here. But, it’s Saturday and I’m way ahead on my writing, vlogging, and comic strip scripts! So, I decided to start a new series for my Friday #SocialMedia and #Technology columns. It is called The Evolution of Technology. To be fair, it is not totally new as I created it for a website I co-created a while ago. But, they will be NEW to you and we will continue the series beyond the original five I wrote, several co-written with Professor David E. Weber. #DadChat was so fun and so huge this past week with Pam Moore aka @PamMktgNut when we discussed the future of Social Media and Our Kids. We had over 25 MILLION impressions, 200 participants, and over 1,300 tweets. Trust me, that’s fast and that’s what I call “Brain Exercise.” All else is cool as I’m preparing for my “Back to School” drive August 24th, when I am driving nearly 3,000 miles cross-country to take my son to college. FORD has given me a Flex for the drive and we are seeking other sponsors. You will read, see, hear, and watch the trip as I plan to “cover” it completely!