Things I Envy About My Kids

We are not supposed to envy our kids or our spouses, for that matter. But, there are a lot of “notsupposedto’s” that just aren’t realistic. Spouses can be competitive while still rooting and loving one another. As with all things kid-related, when it comes to our kids it gets more complicated. There are many things I envy about the things my kids have in their lives, the opportunities that lie ahead, and just being younger and less jaded than me.

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Envy – One of the Seven Deadly Sins (“Just A Guy”)

I recently visited my best friend, who moved from L.A., to a small town in the Northwest.  He built a home, from scratch, supervising every detail, and with his wife, they created their dream home.  I found myself feeling a tad of envy, as he took me on the tour of the house, pointing out all the beautiful details.

As we’ve been renting for several years, the pride of ownership is just not part of our lives and our belief is that the practical choice is to stay in rent for the near future.  Our choice, certainly.  But, as I reflected on my own bout of envy, I thought about my boys and how often they’re comparing themselves to their peers. read more