This Guy Talks Too Much!

I have a big mouth and I’ve even been described as a guy who talks too much.  Anyone that knows me knows I’m highly opinionated and my family, in particular, lives with me both repeating myself and just droning on endlessly. It’s as if I don’t get an “Okay” or “Yeah, Dad” I assume my boys haven’t heard me.

Recently, I’ve begun a very stupid habit of complaining or voicing out loud issues between my wife and I, venting and expecting a sympathetic ear, to one or the other of my boys.  I’m not voicing anything of a deeply personal nature but it is still inappropriate discussion for them to hear from their dad, about their stepmother. Like I said, this guy talks too much. read more

Just A Guy With A Mature Teen (Imagine That?)

I had a fight with my mature teen.  I acted like a teen and he acted like an adult.  I pouted.  He was reasonable.  I was yelling.  He was calm.  I hate when that happens!

It all had to do with expectations and desires, on my part, for my mature teen son to want to hang out with his dad.  Our family was apart this holiday season as my wife and younger son went to Japan and Hong Kong.

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Just A Guy Wondering Who Comes First?

My family continues to be the best petri dish for ideas for my blog.  My wife Loren often comments to “correct” me and straighten the record.  On a recent family trip to visit her parents, a couple incidents occurred that raised the question of who comes first? – friends, the kids, her parents, me?

At dinner with one of her friends, she seemed to cater to the dietary desires of their kid, who is a vegetarian.  Every dish, it seemed, had to be cleared with him.  Now, there were 5 others of us, for this Chinese meal, but it felt like the only one that mattered was that boy. It was very clear who comes first in that family. read more