Because I Said So Kickstarter TEASER!

Take a peek into the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign for the Because I Said So comic strip! It will soon reach its centennial, with 100 original comic strips written by Bruce Sallan and beautifully illustrated by Michael Voogd (VoogDesigns). YOU can participate in our production of a beautiful hard-cover coffee table book that includes all 100 comic strips, the evolution and history of the strip, and a step-by-step illustrated guide to the making of the comic strip. The prizes we will offer “Investors” are unique from personal inscriptions to your own caricature. At the higher levels, you can “earn” an appearance on the “A Dad’s Point-of-View” radio show and more. Stay tuned for the formal video and Kickstarter campaign!

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OMG, What Does THAT Mean?

omgOMG! Is Son talking gibberish, or is Dad just too far out there?

Syndication rights to the Because I Said So comic strips are now available. Contact me for more information on carrying this truly NEW comic strip!

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How to Stay Cool to Your Kids

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You want your kids to relate to you, right? You want to be cool, don’t you? Maybe you should try to relate to them? Novel idea. Do you remember all the DUMB things your parents liked and did? Do you really think you’re any different?

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Blink of an Eye

blink of an eyeCartoon topic: Blink of an Eye

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The Babysitter


Cartoon topic: The Babysitter

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