How to Teach Your Children Responsibility Tips #GuestPost

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Despite the fact that making mistakes is human, many people often find it difficult to take the blame for their misdeeds and failures in a bid to try to avoid being disapproved of by others, or for fear of the negative consequences associated with their actions. Being quick to fault others for appears to be even more natural for young children. For instance, a child is often quick to blame other pupils or even the teacher for getting a bad mark in a class even if he knows that he didn’t study much before the test!

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The Case for NOT Having Children

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Every parent goes through ups and downs in the parenting journey. Up until recently, I felt every bump in the road was worth hitting the proverbial ceiling from those bumps and that the journey was well worth the costs; emotional and financial. Right now, for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to understand the Millennials that I meet who say they don’t want children. I also fully understand my oldest friend, who declared ever since he was a young adult that he didn’t want to have children.

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Why Mary, Merry, Marry? #DadChat

Why marry?

The other day I had a sobering conversation with a 21-year-old woman. We covered a lot of topics, and when I got to my inevitable probing questions about her personal life and asked if she ever wanted to get married, her answer was a quick and resounding, “No.” The ensuing short exchange sealed the deal for me of how far we’ve come – as far as societal values – in just my own lifetime!

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Staying Single is NOT Good for Your Kids, Part Two

Effect of Divorce on Kids

Writers never know what is going to connect, resonate, please, and/or anger readers. Staying Single (Part One) achieved that. First, I want to declare the reason for the title since that is just one point of anger from my critics. I am a writer. I want readers. I choose titles that are honest to the content of my columns but I also choose ones I think will draw interest. I am no different than ANY television newscast, newspaper, book, or Hollywood. To be quite clear, I am NOT apologizing for my title choice.

I do want to clarify things that were either assumed or misinterpreted as well as share some of the comment “highlights.”

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