Powder Skiing in Spring, Part One

It was the second day of Spring, March 21 2013, and the night before it had snowed. I had the extreme joy of skiing 6-8 inches of fresh powder, first tracks, for several hours. Here’s just a taste of it. Canyons Ski Resort is an awesome place to ski and their season truly lasts until mid-April. The advantage of coming up now is it’s less crowded but the conditions are actually as good now as any other time this season. The whoops you here are ME having the time of my life!

Powder Skiing in Spring, Part Two

Part II of this amazing day of Powder Skiing at Canyons Ski Resort is different because it is all tree-skiing. I took three runs in The Condor Woods, entering at three different places, but ending up in the infamous Canis Lupus each time. The Canis Lupus is a natural 1-mile long gully/half-pipe that is truly awesome. I didn’t expect the slight adventure I had on my 3rd run in getting into the Canis, but stay tuned at the end of this video for a surprise ending. All turns out fine but it was a fun adventure and a truly memorable day! Powder skiing is the best!

Skiing at Sunrise: First Tracks at Canyons Resort

First Tracks is a unique offering at Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah where skiers get to literally watch the mountain wake up. It’s skiing at sunrise. A small group, escorted by Canyons hosts and at least one Olympic skier heads up the mountain as the sun is rising. For 90 minutes, the ski resort is only the province of this lucky group. This program is open to the public; it’s reasonably priced, and it’s topped off with breakfast at 9:00 at the mid-way point, just as the resort is opening to the public. I got the special pleasure of skiing at sunrise with Holly Flanders, two-time Olympian, and the focus of my GoPro much of this short teaser video of this extraordinary experience.