My Awakening at “Spring Awakening” #DadChat

Spring Awakening

My son recently was the stage manager for a local production of the musical, “Spring Awakening” which he’d declared for a couple of years as his favorite musical. My wife and I had not seen it before this local production and didn’t know the story other than a brief synopsis that our son provided. He was very proud of this particular production so we attended it with great anticipation and excitement.

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Dad Goes to Broadway

Dad and Son comic - On BroadwayAs Dad and Son head to Broadway, we publish our 96th Because I Said So comic strip. We are approaching our 100th comic strip and we will soon release our Kickstarter Book Campaign for a commemorative book celebrating that milestone and including all 100 comic strips, a history of its development, and a step-by-step how-to guide from VoogDesigns on how he illustrates these strips so marvelously! Number 96 is about a visit to New York where Dad is reminiscing while Son is just LOVING IT!

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