New Technology, New Media, and Old Me

I’m a baby-boomer.  I’m a Yuppie.  I’m a man.  I’m a dad. I’m divorced.  I’m re-married. I’m a writer.  And, I’m sometimes a mess.  It’s a confusing world, no doubt, and the evolution of technology in my lifetime has contributed to my confusion.  Let’s consider what has occurred in the past half-century or so, since I was born.

When I was a child, media, and  technology were pretty simple.  Media meant the newspaper, three networks, and going to the movies.  “Live” theatre and concerts were a special treat and the telephone had a dial and a cord.  My family had one television set that residing prominently in the living room and it looked like furniture. Our record player, as they were called before “Stereo” was introduced, was designed to look like a side cupboard and was a complicated device that I was not allowed to touch.

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