What’s Next for ME in #SocialMedia, #Media, and #Writing?

Mid-Life Crisis

Last year, at this time, I hit a wall when I attended a dad conference. I looked around the room and realized THIS was not me anymore. I was older than the vast majority of dads in the room. Their issues, their lives, their passions were greater than mine as I was “moving on” given my boys were nearly grown. I briefly got depressed, but quickly got out of that self-indulgence and decided on taking a fork in the road with my next (professional) moves.

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Reason for the Season?

reason for the seasonDad shares with Son about what he thinks Christmas season is all about. In some ways he might be right! If TV was our source of education, wouldn’t it seem that way?

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#DadChat Discusses Music as God’s Drug

How does music affect your life? How has music been a part of your family? Do you listen to the music your kids listen to? Do they listen to your music?

#DadChat this week, Thursday December 22 at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST, will discuss music. “Music is God’s Drug” is a quote from Dennis Prager and that is the title of this week’s A Dad’s Point-of-View column, which is loosely the homework for this chat. Enjoy the Ten Best Xmas Songs list and feel free to comment on them or mention your favorites during the chat.

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Music Is God’s Drug

God’s drug is music – if God had a drug that is.  god'sSome of my best thinking is when I walk around the lake near our home. Often, I will listen to music. My taste is decidedly eclectic and recently I listened to the overture from The King and I and realized how I’ve grown to appreciate beautiful music more as I’ve aged in sharp contrast to my son’s love of angry rock ‘n’ roll. Yeah, I still love the music I grew up with but I now tend to appreciate more classical, standards, and even country. And, let’s face it music and love certainly go together well!

A Theory About Our Music Taste

I have a theory about the average person’s music taste. It is simply that it is formed during the decade or so from the teens to career and marriage. Obviously, that may be more than a decade but the idea remains the same regardless of the exact number of years.

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Radio Show – The E Word Is Empathy

First air date: Thursday, December 15, 2011

Featured guests:

Wayne Levine (BetterMenCoaching) for “The Men’s Room”

Pastor Drew Sams (WeWillSingANewSong) for “Teen Rap”

Special Guest John Boyle (BrandFlair) discussing gifts for HIM!

This show was based on this week’s “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column, “The E Word is Empathy.” We also discussed great gifts for him with special guest, John Boyle.

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Are You Or Your Kids Social Media Addicts? #DadChat This Week

Are you addicted to social media? We used to worry about how much time our kids spent on television. Now we worry about how much time they spend on ALL their screens and how much, IF ANY, time they spend outside? That’s our topic for #DadChat this Thursday, December 15 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm pst.

Plus, we’re going to share and discuss a great list from @BrandFlair about manly xmas gift ideas, one of which will be our giveaway! John Boyle will be my co-host and is the author of that list. VueZone has kindly donated TWO of their video monitoring systems. This is a REAL value, a REAL giveaway. More about VueZone is below. We’ll have two to give away plus likely some cool gift baskets, too (tbd).

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A Day In the Life of a Social Media Addict


My family accuses me of always being on the computer. Well, I am on the computer a lot, that is my work. I write, I tweet, I Facebook, I host and participate in tweet chats, and I do a radio show. Plus, I write a comic strip and other assorted things like fully redesigning BruceSallan.com right now. I imagine if I went to an outside office vs. work at home, their impression might be a bit different.

So, for the fun of it, for them and for those of you wondering what a busy day looks like in the life of someone active in social media and traditional media, for that matter, let’s take a look at Thursday’s timeline!

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